Tuesday, April 25, 2017

What you sometimes get for your tax dollars - or not:

From: Templeton, MA Advisory Board [mailto:templetonadvisoryboard@gmail.com]
Sent: Sunday, April 23, 2017 12:21 PM
To: Paul Grubb <grubbp@comcast.net>; Jeff Bennett <jpb01468@comcast.net>; townadministrator <townadministrator@templeton1.org>; Holly <hyoung@templeton1.org>
Cc: Beverly Bartolomeo <bartsfarm@comcast.net>; Gordon Moore <GordonGMoore@yahoo.com>; Julie Farrell <jfarrell59@gmail.com>; Katharine Fulton <fultonkate@hotmail.com>; Wilfred Spring <185wilberdr@gmail.com>; Diane Haley Brooks, Selectwoman <seldhaleybrooks@templeton1.org>; Doug Morrison, Selectmen <seldmorrison@templeton1.org>; John Columbus, Selectmen <seljcolumbus@templeton1.org>; Julie Richard, Selectwoman <seljrichard@templeton1.org>; Selectman Caplis <Selectmen.Caplis@templeton1.org>; Carol Harris <townclerk@templeton1.org>; Derek Hall <dhall@templeton1.org>
Subject: Fwd: Notice of Advisory Board newest member Paul Grubb as required by by-law


I have done some research on what was done to notify everyone that the Advisory Committee had filled it's last open position. On Nov 2, 2016 a notification went out to all (Town Clerk, Moderator, Selectmen,Town Administrator,Advisory Committee and the Administrator Assistant to the Town Administrator).  Shortly after that I went into the Advisory Committee web site to enter your name.  I could not because it stated the position was locked.  I called Holly to find out what the problem was and was told she could not take care of it at that time but would take care of it when she had time. When I received your email below  I tried again and got the same message that the position was locked.  I went to the help section on the web site to see what needed to be done to unlock the position and it indicated that I did not have access to unlock the position.

Carter and Holly,

Can you take care of this and get Paul's name in he open position on the web site and stop showing that there is an open position on our committee.

Thank you,


Good Morning Wil:

I had told you it was something that is more difficult to do, so that’s something I need to do-that’s why you couldn’t do it.

It’s been on my list since we spoke, but my list it just very long. I just added Paul on there, so he is all set.

Holly A. Young
Holly A. Young,
Assistant to the Town Administrator
Town of Templeton
Town Hall, Room 6
P.O. Box 620, 160 Patriots Road
East Templeton, MA  01438
Phone 978-894-2762 - Fax 978-894-2801

posted by Jeff Bennett