Friday, January 19, 2018

from Town of Templeton General By-Laws:

Notice it states "in writing" (I know that may be hard to process for some, but it looks pretty simple to understand - a written report of it's recommendations)

Article II - Town Meetings

Section 6. All articles in any warrant for a town meeting shall be referred to the Advisory Committee for its consideration. The Selectmen after drawing any such warrant shall transmit immediately a copy thereof to the chairman of said committee. A public hearing shall be held, upon all such articles, unless a public hearing by some other tribunal is required by law, and a notice of such hearing shall be given by inserting in the local newspaper. Said committee shall, after due consideration of the subject matter of such articles, report thereon to the town meeting, in writing, such recommendations as it deems best for the interests of the town and its citizens. Copies of the report of the Advisory Committee shall be made available to the voters at least two days before town meetings and at all town meetings. 

Could Town Meeting have been confused when they voted this by-law into effect?
Perhaps it was those members wanted to have as much information as possible before taking a vote or making a decision.

from the selectmen policies and procedures:

Board Ethics:

1. A member of the Board of Selectmen, in relation to his or her community should:

     A. Realize that his or her basic function is to make policy, with administration delegated to the Town Administrator.
     B. Realize that he or she is one of a team and should abide by all board decisions once they are made.
     C. Be well informed concerning the duties of a board member on both local and state levels.
     D. Remember that he or she represents the entire community at all times.
     E. Accept the office of Selectmen as a means of unselfish service, not benefit personally or politically from his or her board or              outside activities.
     F. In all appointments, avoid political patronage by judging all candidates on merit, experience and qualifications only.
     G. Abide by the ethics established by the state and not use the position to obtain inside information on matters which may                  benefit someone personally.
2. A member of the Board of Selectmen, in their relations with administrative officers of the Town should:
     A. Endeavor to establish sound, clearly defined policies that wil direct and support the administration for the benefit of the                    people of the community.
     B. Recognize and support the administrative chain of command and refuse to act on complaints as an individual outside the                administration.
     C. Give the Town Administrator full responsibility for discharging his or her disposition and solution.

3. A member of the Board of Selectmen, in his or her relations with fellow board members, should:
     A. Recognize that action at official legal meetings is binding and that he or she alone cannot bind the board outside of such                 meetings.
     B. Uphold the intent of executive session and respect the privileged communications that exist in executive session.
     C. Make decisions only after all facts on an issue have been presented and discussed
     D. Treat with respect the rights of all members of the board despite differences of opinion