Sunday, December 31, 2017

Time for a change . . . . and a real step forward for Templeton.

I think if there is one thing to wish for in the coming new year, it is a change, more people at Town Meeting and more than a simple yes or no recommendation from the finance (Advisory) committee. Perhaps this is the year where that committee can/will really "bring it".

Bring things like a real report with real explanations for it's recommendations.
Explanations from the "minority report" as to why any members who vote or recommend against an article. Time to perhaps change it up and for some of this to happen, the moderator is going to have to allow these explanations to happen . . . the residents/voters/taxpayers deserve it. When the Advisory Committee states it wants or needs to explain a recommendation, the moderator needs to let this happen. What would be a reason to deprive the people at Town Meeting of this information or explanation? It should not be politics nor jockeying from say the selectmen or Town Administrator.

I hope the New Year brings a well attended and informed Town Meeting with real explanations with regards to any recommendations for / against/ or no action. My hope for the New Year is there will be no more selectmen (individually or collectively) attempts to stifle discussion on any article presented to Templeton's Town Meeting. Let discussion happen and let true democracy take place.

This might be a pretty large wish for the New Year but you either "go big or stay home." As the British SAS say, "who dares wins."

Happy New Year to all.