Saturday, November 18, 2017

Very low turn out for Templeton special Town meeting. Pretty embarrassing and disgusting when only a handful of town residents show up for their meeting!

The few that did show up demonstrated your vote does matter and you can have an effect on the out come. Two zoning changes were passed over at this meeting when those few citizens showed up and spoke, they made their case and put it to the voters - and they won!

Once again, in my opinion, it was shown that Town Counsel is not being utilized for the benefit of the Town. When there is an issue brought before the people, why was the regional school agreement not given to counsel and the question (s) asked: can we change town election dates without issue? Can we change the agreement so only Templeton residents vote on Templeton representatives and only Phillipston residents vote on Phillipston representatives?

On the zoning changes, what are the ethics challenges or solutions to bringing these two articles forward? Were businesses grandfathered  when zoning passed? Perhaps the big question is the land formerly owned by Bill Putnam and the class II / III licenses involved in the sale of that property; did the property lose it's grandfather clause with the sale? With zoning in place, is that large piece of property now limited to certain use by way of the present zoning regulations?

Templeton can and does get good legal advice when it is asked for, unfortunately, there seems to be a lack of that these days with this BOS.

If the school district cannot pay our inspectors, how were any inspections done when the district changed over to propane/wood chips? Was the project inspected? Who did the inspections and who paid for them?  With the constant changing of numbers, will the Tempeton tax recap sheet be done on time? Why is Templeton only borrowing 10 million dollars with the school project beginning shortly?

More piecemeal borrowing, more BANs which will probably cost taxpayers more.