Monday, July 16, 2018

follow up to a speech by Cameron Fortes:

Using the cold war as a possible parallel (a stretch perhaps)

in the 1960's, there was the Cuban standoff, involving America and the USSR.

Then there was the Berlin Wall come down.

A stand off of sorts between the Templeton Board of Selectmen and the Advisory Committee.

Was the Board of Selectmen meeting of July 11, 2018 the day that some from one blinked?

Cameron Fortes, like Nakita Khrushev, seems to have moved away from the rest of the leadership at town hall  (leadership at town hall, another stretch?) I think someone blinked, and like Khrushchev, Fortes seems to be willing to try something different.

As I recall the big to do concerning Open Meeting Law supposed violations, I use that in parallel with the blockade, with no movement, no solution, until someone blinked.

Now, with regards to the Berlin Wall, we have one player, but who will be the one for the "other side"? It may be time for two most unlikely of folks to "tear down that wall" and begin a new movement. Just like the Cuban blockade ending, some internal things need to happen in Town Hall: a new chairman of the board of selectmen perhaps? New dialogue from the Advisory Committee, because using the old same ole same ole has not worked. An uneasy "peace" while new ideas / rules are crafted and agreed upon, to better the Town and move people back to Town Meeting.

The who, how and when may pose the bigger problems, but this needs to happen.

Now, so justsmartenough does not have a melt down and burn all his/her salad recipes, I am not really comparing the politics of Templeton to the cold war and the USA / USSR stand offs, satellite wars and Nuclear showdowns, but I do think there is a legitimate parallel: two powers who in the past and perhaps even still, working towards dominance, while leaving things that really matter in the cellar. It is time to let some light in.