Thursday, July 20, 2017

Looking at the Templeton snow & Ice general ledger printout, there was $19,000.00 spent at Brookside Equipment sales. $13,,050.00 spent at Whitney & Sons, inc. which is a company that specializes in repair and parts for screening, crushing and conveying systems. Templeton does own a small screening plant used to "make winter sand" and then there is Schmidt Equipment co. for $5,000.00 and that is a John Deere dealer. Templeton highway does have a John Deere excavator.

Later there will be a posting of the breakdown of items and the totals spent under snow & ice deficit spending. An interesting item is the town fuel fund.

Has anyone ever seen a bulldozer at the city of Gardner sand pit off route 101? Has anyone ever seen a screening plant at the Gardner DPW area off route 2A? Does anyone think Graves sand and gravel re-screens sand in the winter? I think if anyone checks, you would find that no they do not. Could be they are smart enough not to waste time and dollars doing that. Probably doing the logical step, digging into the pile and if the top layer is frozen, set it aside, as it will not spoil and will crumble on a warmer day to be used, without the added cost and labor to re-screen it. Seems to reason that if you have 3 plus years of sand there, you should not need to spend the time and money doing what nature will do for you for free later.

There is still the question of why Templeton still has three loaders. Does anyone remember Bud Chase stating that the two old loaders were worn out and too costly to repair, so the Town needs a new loader, that was bought out of chapter 90 monies (road funds) yet those two "old" loaders could be seen in the video of the town's sand pit cruising around just like the new one. My first thought is, if those two loaders are that old and worn out, is it a safety issue and a legal liability to keep them around? Especially with a town employee who says he is licensed to operate them, states they are old and unreliable. Seems like that is testimony enough to put the town in legal jeopardy. Just a thought.

posted by Jeff Bennett
At last nights meeting of the Templeton Advisory Committee, discussion concerning the Perpetual Care funds and the monies involved. A member of the committee was instrumental in getting these records, which the Cemetery Commissioners had been trying to get so they could see what the numbers (money) showed so they would know what is what and how much is in each fund. A member of the Cemetery Commission was in attendance and was thankful for the work of the Advisory Committee and for bringing this forward to the attention of the residents of the Town of Templeton. This was accomplished through the efforts of Bev Bartolomeo and should show the residents of the Town that members of the Advisory Committee tries to keep the residents informed on financial matters. Sometimes that involves asking questions that, well, sometimes it seems there are those who wish those questions were not asked.

This information should not be that hard to obtain. That information should flow from Town Hall like water from a fountain. That would be good governance and open, transparent and really for the people. With that in mind, Advisory Committee discussed and agreed to work on a report format for Town Meeting concerning financial matters that the Committee feels should be available to Town Meeting, before the meeting, so people can be informed, if they so choose. Perhaps this year, the selectmen can get the budget process moving earlier, with the audits now completed and "good numbers" available, the process should be able to begin earlier, to the benefit of the residents.

posted by Jeff Bennett
TO: Board of Selectmen
FROM: Carter Terenzini, Town Administrator
RE: Administrator’s Weekly Report
DATE: July 19, 2017
CC: All Departments

Weekly Report: Weekly Report: I have some excellent news to share on the elementary school project. As you know there were some modest redesigns required to address changes in the energy code. As you also know we had the cost estimator run new numbers to see where we stood given this redesign and the one year delay. The OPM reports that “We are confirmed that estimates are positive overall and the project remains on target slightly under the original budget with the added year of inflation and the added SMMA and OPM costs. We plan to keep the add alternates as originally anticipated in the bid documents to allow the district to add elements if desired and have the safety of the FF&E if bids were to come in significantly over budget.” I’ve been working with counsel on our litigation matters as you will see on 07/24. I’ve provided comment on the several IMA drafts and have started a Transition Memorandum for Mr. Hickey.
Administration & Finance:
 Town Accountant: Nothing to report this week.
Treasurer/Collector: Nothing to report this week

Public Works Highway Department:
Highway personal assisted the water department with some excavation on Prospect Street. A flashing “STOP” sign was placed @ the end of Barre Road where it meets Dudley Road. Many accidents have occurred and this is part of an effort to keep the public safe. Some catch basins addressed for blockages and the lines flushed to clear debris. Cold patching done on South Road. Narragansett parking lines were re-painted and the Baldwinville Elementary. Sweeping should be complete by the end of this week. One of the COA vans is in the process of being repaired for power steering issues, and is expected to be available by 7/21/17. H7 is back in the fleet. H23, the bucket truck is in the process of being torn down and engine rebuilt.

Buildings & Grounds: The director has been compiling info for the Tomb grant. Trimming and mowing was done @ Green Lawn and Pine Grove. Prepared area for a funeral in Green Lawn cemetery. The crew assisted at the Senior Center in setting up for an outside event. Picnic tables and trash barrels were supplied. Picked up materials at Graves concrete and Agway for use in the cemeteries and commons. All common areas mowed and trimmed and the trash emptied. General maintenance to the lawn tractors and other equipment.

posted by Jeff Bennett
Checking on Veterans service officers/agents.

Please contact the Records Access Officer:
Claudia McKelway
General Counsel
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Department of Veterans' Services
600 Washington Street, 7th Floor
Boston, MA 02111
Tel: 617-210-5785

Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Department of Veterans' Services
600 Washington Street, 7th Floor
Boston, MA 02111
fax: 617-210-5755

Secretary Francisco Ureña
Chief of Staff: Mike Rigas  617-210-5779
To contact Secretary Ureña, please contact Dora Agyare at 617-210-5767
Looking at Secretary Urena and his bio, he is a Marine Corps veteran. Since there are some rules for veteran service officers/agents to follow, such as being "certified" within three years of appointment, there should be records of that and in my opinion, people, especially veterans, need to see who is and who is not certified. 
The results of this search will be posted here at a later date. Since it is a state agency and probably ties to the feds, it may take a while but there is plenty of time.

posted by Jeff Bennett