Friday, June 9, 2017

A raven flew into my window and told me "heard that the new bond ratings for 2016 have been released to the cities and towns and will be published on the DOR website next week."

So if you are interested in such things, keep a watch for that information.

Apparently some people at town hall are not happy reading their names on this blog, oops, but failing to be forthcoming with information concerning public monies may lead to your name being here. Also, appearing to fail in your duties will result in the same.

So, is the above failing to do the job or is it a case of following instructions from supervisors so as to paint a non realistic financial picture of Templeton? Or is it just a method to put someone off intentially? You can decide but in my opinion, it looks like all of the above. - BOA = Bureau of Accounts / Department of Revenue / Division of Local Services.

posted by Jeff Bennett