Tuesday, June 26, 2018

If you are keeping track, Templeton is now looking for a DPW director, a fire fighter/Paramedic, an assistant town accountant, assistant town treasurer/collector. It looks like Templeton should have it's own window or signup desk at the local employment office.

Also, after watching last night's selectmen meeting, these selectmen do not seem  interested in helping out the people they are suppose to serve and work for.

If you wish to open or run a business in Templeton, bring your citizenship papers with you and be able to prove you have experience in something that you wish to try, you know, invest your time and money into, because at least one selectmen, Haley Brooks, thinks you have to have experience before you can run a business, involving your own time, money etc. Maybe that should be a requirement to be a selectmen?

Fellowship individual, Eric Pollitt is moving on, so add to the list of employees leaving Templeton.
I wonder what the common denominator is that is causing so many to leave employment in Templeton.