Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Concerning school enrollment and the supposed increase of 100 students or 2 students or what ever number you wish to put into the conversation, perhaps a question to the school should be; how many of those, say 100 new students, are actual returning students who have come back to Templeton schools because of the proposed new school? I believe during the budget talks this past year, that point was made by the current superintendent. I think that is worth asking as we go forward. I think these types of questions are important if, in the future, there is a drop in school numbers and we find our self with a half empty new elementary school. I hope the district would reject school choice and not take kids from outside the district. If parents wish to take their children to outside of Templeton schools, have at it, but do not take kids in from outside the district. Stop using kids as a commodity, to be used as a budget supplement, when it does not really work anyway.