Friday, April 28, 2017

Annual Town Meeting warrant Draft - article 24 operating budget for FY 2018, shows a transfer from ambulance receipts - "anticipated receipts to be received by the treasury. In a conversation with the Town Accountant and what the T/A stated Tuesday night at BOS meeting, there would have been a deficit in that article because the $325,000.00 would not have actually been in the fund to transfer. In fact the T/A stated at that meeting that it was possible for a resident to ask what is the fund balance at that time and you (selectmen) would have to state there is in fact not $325,000.00 in the fund.

Now on the signed Town Meeting Warrant, with the order and number of articles having been changed, article 18 - operating budget now has a transfer from ambulance receipts in the amount of $225,000.00. Advisory Committee received this Wednesday, April 26, the evening of it's meeting

In a memo from Templeton T/A states ' DOR advises that we must show there is sufficient cash on hand at the time of the vote to satisfy the transfer.".

Wed 4/26, 6:01 AM
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