Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Just finished talking with another representative from the state department of health; there is no contract between the Town of Templeton and the state with regards to ambulance service. In fact, one thing explained in the phone call was there is no law requiring a municipality to provide ambulance service. I believe it best to see or have that in writing, that said, it appears there was some bad/incorrect information put forward by a Town resident whom I believe has or had been a "volunteer" for Templeton fire department for approximately 30 years and that resident even applied to be the full time fire chief of Templeton at one point in time. The time taken to clarify this subject was to try and ensure residents have correct information before being asked to vote on a tax increase to fund a certain Town service. I believe the question at an informational meeting was "where is that money going to come from?" with regards to the purported idea that if Templeton abandoned Town ambulance service, the Town was under a requirement to pay for and house a private ambulance service in Town. That seems to be untrue and those are two things residents do not have to worry about when considering to vote yes or no on additional funding for ambulance service.