Saturday, October 6, 2018

FY 2019 budget - $60,000.00 for legal services under purchase of services. Included under that fund is Legal services, employee physicals, Town P.O. box, town forester plan. As of September 13, 2018, there has only been $1,412.97 spent.

So, at this early date, asking for $5,000.00 for unanticipated legal costs = ??????

One scenario is the MCAD (Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination) regarding refusal to process raises for non-union employees of Sewer Department (in part, due to push back of elected sewer commissioners to bring collections to town hall and commissioners pushing back against the Town Administrator doing employee evaluations of Sewer employees.) Town Meeting vote beginning in 1996 gave that oversight to Sewer Commissioners.

The holding back of non-union employee raises, probably by town accountant not processing them, violates mandate by Town Meeting vote and I am insulted as a resident of Templeton.