Thursday, April 12, 2018

Yes, we manage our finances well over here in Phillipston??
from the Athol Daily News:
PHILLIPSTON — The town is not putting the cart before the horse — as it has at times concerning town issues — when it comes to a “smelly” situation in the Town Hall Annex.
Instead, Phillipston has decided to draft an article for the annual Town Meeting warrant to address the situation at the annex, and then pursue quotes for the work.
The annex sits between the Phillipston Library and the Phillipston Congregational Church on Templeton Road. The offices housed in the annex include the town accountant, town treasurer, Board of Health, Cemetery Commission and building inspectors. The annex is a pre-1900 post-and-beam construction building, which housed the Highway Department before the new highway barn was constructed.
It was reported that Huhtala Oil & Propane has been called three times over the last year for various repairs to the aging furnace.
Administrative Assistant Kevin Flynn said the chimney is deteriorating, the furnace has melted parts. The blower to the furnace is tied into the light switch for the meeting area, and an electrician has been called to resolve that.
“The furnace is an antique, ready to go to the Historical Society,” said Flynn.
The town is exploring its options: replace the furnace with a new one, which will require extensive repairs to the chimney; switch to a propane-fueled furnace, which will require new venting to the roof; or switch to heating pumps, a multi-zone system. Officials say a switch to heating pumps would allow them to get rid of the oil tank.
Selectman John Telepciak said the voters should decide which way they want to go.
“It smells so bad over there,” said Town Clerk Karen Foley, shaking her head. “It’s bad.”
Others agreed. There are five town employees who work in the building.
Highway superintendent Richard Tenney said “it’s a rusty-oily smell,” and suggested obtaining quotes from several vendors for propane system, heat pumps or oil system.
Telepciak said, “Yes. We need better air, better heat over there.”
Other business
Addressing a concern raised that there might not be enough money in the budget to hold office hours through April, it was determined that there is enough in the payroll account for the Board of Health to work 21 and a half hours per month through the end of the fiscal year.