Friday, June 2, 2017

rocker scientists Bev we are short two laborers and patch what we can when other most important things are taken care of.I will say i did patching on both south and Barre rd.
We take care of the worst first.
Have a call we go out. If you see a problem report it.Call and report it we don't go around to patch until the sweeping is concluded and this year the money is tight to purchase patch as it has a high cost.
I guess you can't please all the people all the time.
But then some people exaggerate just a little!!

So, the apparent spokesperson for the Templeton Highway department and the selectmen, Dave Smart says money is tight to purchase road patching material. He also states no chapter 90 funds have been spent on buying road patching material. Perhaps that is the answer, poor management on both ends. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts providing funds to do just that, purchase road repair materials like cold patch, it states that in the post about Chapter 90 funds, but Templeton, according to the highway department spokesperson Smart, does not use those funds to purchase said material. If that is true, the question should be why not? Money is provided by way of what is described as a grant for certain things and road repair seems to be one of those things. Yet, it is not done, again, according to selectmen/highway spokesperson Smart. That my friends, is a lack of governmental services, decent roads without the pot holes. This is about the here and now, not three, four or more years ago, the present, today, the present sitting board of selectmen.

The money is there and so are the pot holes! So, What to do?

Monday, June 5, 2017

To: Templeton Board of Selectmen
       Templeton Town Hall
       160 Patriots Road
        E. Templeton, MA 01438

I am inquiring about the use of Templeton's apportioned share of Massachusetts Department of Transportations Chapter 90 money to the Town of Templeton. I wish to know how and/or what is was used for in Fiscal Year 2016. I would also like the same information for Fiscal Year 2017 and what are the plans, if any, for Fiscal Year 2018 with regards to chapter 90 monies. I ask these questions because of the many potholes on Town Roads and according to Templeton Highway department / Templeton Selectmen spokesperson Dave Smart, Templeton does not use any chapter 90 monies for pot hole repair, such as purchasing cold patch material. I take Mr. Smart at his word as he is a Templeton Town employee of the Templeton highway department and seems to know what goes on at the department as well as what and how the selectmen work. I am puzzled at his various statements about Templeton highway not using chapter 90 monies for some of its intended uses. Any assistance to these questions would be greatly appreciated. If an electronic copy of a detailed general ledger fund on the spending of chapter 90 monies is available, I would also request a copy in electronic form.

Thank you in advance for any and all assistance in this matter.


Jeffrey Bennett

1 copy to selectmen office
cc all selectmen members

Perhaps some official explanations can be had on the pothole situation and why no road repair money is being spent on road repair.

posted by Jeff Bennett

What is chapter 90 program and monies?
The Chapter 90 Program was enacted on March 23, 1973, by vote of the Public Works Commission to entitle Municipalities to reimbursement of documented expenditures under the provisions of General Laws, Chapter 90, Section 34, Clause 2(a) on approved Projects. The Funds provided from Transportation Bond Issues authorizes such Capital Improvement Projects for Highway Construction, Preservation and Improvement Projects that create or extend the life of Capital Facilities as follows:

Chapter 90 is a 100% Reimbursable Program

Grants are made in accordance with Section 34 Chapter 90 MGL. These funds shall be used in compliance with all applicable statutes and regulations, including but not limited to, Chapter 30, Section 39M; Chapter 149, Section 44J; Chapter 149, Section 26-27F; as applicable for maintaining, repairing, improving and constructing town and county ways and bridges which qualify under the State Aid Highway Guidelines adopted by the Public Works Commission.

Project Guidelines Included in the Chapter 90 Law

Funds must be allocated to roadway projects, such as resurfacing and related work (the minimum for resurfacing shall be 3/4" course with a continuous length of 500') and other work incidental to the above such as preliminary engineering including State Aid/Consultant Design Agreements, right-of-way acquisition, shoulders, side road approaches, landscaping and tree planting, roadside drainage, structures (including bridges), sidewalks, traffic control and service facilities, street lighting (excluding operating costs), and for such other purposes as the Department may specifically authorize. The municipality shall provide documentation of compliance with Chapter 149, Sections 44J and 26-27F; as applicable.

Additional Project Guidelines for Chapter 90 Work Voted and Approved by the Board of Commissioners on September 28, 1994

Highway Construction, Preservation and Improvement Projects that Create or Extend the Life of Capital Facilities

Resurfacing, Graveling, Microsurfacing, Pug Mill Mix (cold mix), Chip Stone Seal, Oil and Stone, Infrared Repairs (in connection with surface treatments), Recycled Aggregate Pavement, Rip Rap, Fabric, Crack Sealing, Drainage, Intersections, Shoulders, Guardrails, Sidewalks, Footbridges, Berms and Curbs, Traffic Controls and Related Facilities, Right of Way Acquisition, Street Lighting (excluding operating costs and decorative enhancements), Construction, Direction and Warning Signs (must comply with MUTCD), Bridges, and Tree Planting/Landscaping in association with a project.

The above is from Mass DOT.

posted by Jeff Bennett