Thursday, September 7, 2017

TO: Board of Selectmen
FROM: Carter Terenzini, Town Administrator
RE: Administrator’s Weekly Report
DATE: September 7, 2017
CC: All Departments

Fall Town Meeting Articles desired by 10/01; Please see me ASAP to begin discussions. Business Meeting or Workshop: N/A

Weekly Report: I moderated a staff meeting relative to Cross Road (so-called) off of Caruthers relative to its being shown as a town road on the ANR subdivision. There were two matters; the first being whether or not it is a public way (we do not consider it to be one) and the second being the name of the road as we currently have a separate Cross Road in Templeton off of Dudley Road (Route 101). For purposes of E-911 we cannot have a second Cross Road so we have made some renaming suggestions. A variety of items were bid or quoted for your action and work was undertaken with regard to the litigation we briefed you on. We continue to work with DPW to try to develop a plan to replace the rolling stock on a regular basis. This will form the basis of some request for expenditure for the Fall TM (see memo re: sander on agenda) We have a referral of a potential intern from NRSD. I’ll advise you further on this next week.

From: jeff bennett []
Sent: Monday, August 21, 2017 6:34 AM
To: 'Kelli Pontbriand'
Cc:; Bartolomeo, Bev;;;; Paul Grubb;
Subject: Advisory questions from last meeting

Discussing the budget versus actual, members have questions/concerns about the format change with regards to expenditures. The end of year FY 2017, there are clear indications about what an expense is for. Example; line with group insurance with fund number and amount allocated/expended etc. The new format does not show these individual expenses and names, which makes it harder, if almost impossible to figure out what is expended, on what and what is the amount left. Members questions are, what is the reason for change and can the old format be used for expenditures?

With the new budget format for FY 2018 (please review the chart of accounts pages 7 & 8 in your budget book) these are the new accounts that are being used for FY 2018.

second question about the OPEB funds, money was appropriated at two town meetings to place money in that fund but there is no apparent accounting of it. The committee saw no indication of OPEB in the budget versus actual.

You will not see the OPEB on the budget VS Actual as the $64,608 is being held in an encumbrance account in the Fund Balances (please see the balance sheet previously provided) until the new OPEB trust can be opened.  This should take place in this fiscal year with the new Treasurer/Collector in place.

Next is the E911 grant, the fund balance/allocated amount changed from the previous BvA given to the committee for an end of year transfer. What would be the reason for the difference in balances/allocations?

When the auditors were here in August they asked me to do a detailed tracking on the 911 Grant and the Dispatch expenses in the general fund.   Once this was completed it showed that a significant amount of the 911 grant funds were put into the general fund and the auditors gave me an adjusting entry to correct this.

Last, the air pollution control fund shows overspent with a change of 116% spent. Is that an error or actual overspent by some amount?

This account has no impact on the budget VS Actual.   At the beginning of the year I take the numbers provided by the state and do actual entries each month and this one was over what the numbers were at the beginning of the year.   These numbers are not voted, but on the recap, again want to emphasise this has no inpact on the town’s financials…just how the DOR requires us to track the State offset expenses on paper.

Any assistance on these items would be greatly appreciated.

Jeff Bennett

First, I would like to see the article on the warrant where Town meeting was asked what budget format they would like to see. I would also like to see the vote count and at what time it passed.

Secondly, there were warrant  articles at two different Town meetings concerning OPEB funding and that means  there is more in question than $64,608.00.

Advisory is still getting stonewalled on financial questions as well as a great lack of transparency with regards to town (taxpayer) finance. A citizen who attended the last Advisory Committee meeting asked where a citizen has standing when the selectmen violate town by-laws as well as Massachusetts General laws.
Well, I have posted it here before and other places but highway and particularly dave smart does not wish to listen and he does not really know what he is talking about. You do not need computerized equipment to drop salt. The amount of salt dropped depends on things such as gate opening and the like. The environment issue is their, and on route 2 and other state roads, much of that damage is driven by the public wanting to be able to drive 80 no matter what. The state has a rate of 240 lbs per lane mile as a base of usage and spread rate, but the higher-ups then come out and tell the pits, "make the roads black and wet" which is driven by calls from state police because of accidents and or calls from people, especially closer to Boston. There are very environmental friendly options out there. The point of the previous post is two fold, sand is not the cheapest option and brand new trucks do not equal good roads nor are they required to obtain desired effect.

The key to salt is how much is used, as in how heavy it is put down. Also, if you put it down and then plow right away, the salt does end up on the side of the road where it does no good.

I see the same old response from dave smart when ever something new is suggested, especially by me. Perhaps it is time for a demonstration of action. If dave wants cost analysis, perhaps it is time to show it, very simple, like dave smart.

First thing to do is contact the three area citis/towns who have begun using straight salt and ask if they also had to buy computerized equipment to put salt down on the roads.

On a different front, while Templeton is meeting with Winchendon DPW, perhaps find out the cost of paying for basin cleaning versus owning the equipment to do it yourself.

I understand a new hire at Templeton highway has quit.

I see the selectmen posted an executive session for litigation at their "retreat". Word around town is a member of the Templeton Conservation committee has been accused of some sort of sexual harassment, and I believe this makes three law suits now facing selectmen. Perhaps there are more, time will tell.

I am still waiting for the AG to come calling and tell me I must resign from the Advisory Committee. Speaking of which, where were you davey? One citizen showed up with some questions and concerns and we had a good discussion.