Saturday, June 17, 2017

From Fiscal Year 2017 budget spread sheet (that use to be on Templeton Town Web site)

Town Administrator Salary       $80,000.00

Town Accountant Salary            $66,810.00

Deputy Assessor Salary              $56,867.00

Treasurer/Collector Salary          $56,098.00

Town Counsel                             $50,000.00

Town Clerk Salary                      $49,095.00

Police Chief Salary                     $92,961.00

Fire Chief Salary                         $70,000.00

Building Inspector Salary            $31,200.00

Animal Control Salary                 $20,500.00

Highway Superintendent            
Salary                                            $63,392.00

Cemetery Superintendent
Salary                                             $59,760.00

Council on Aging Director            
Town portion                                  $22,592.00

Veterans Service Agent                   $20,000.00

Library Director Salary                   $31,316.00

posted by Jeff Bennett
At the last selectmen meeting, a candidate for Town Administrator was back for a third time. This time, selectmen Fortes apparently had no conflict of interest for this meeting or interview. The cameras rolled on as the candidate sat for an "interview" so unlike the last time this candidate sat for an "interview" people get a chance to watch the process if they desire.

In the past when a document such as expenditures versus appropriations or revenue reports from the town accountant, they were always emailed electronically. So the accountant apparently knows how to send documents attached to emails, of which I have many. Suddenly however, they are not sent electronically available. Perhaps some more silly games from town hall. Maybe lost is the availability of scanners to put printed materials on line for all to see, as in public knowledge/information, transparency and the like. My opinion is the internet has become a pain in the backside for elected officials and others, unless they are being patted on the back, then by all means put it on twitter, face book, blog and front page. Don't critique us or write/post anything negative or we will shut off the information, remember, we are superior!

My thought (personal opinion)  on the superior ones (their words or description of themselves also used by one other town financial team member when addressing the "elected ones"

So, in a style sometimes referred to as to Lampoon:

So, the elected ones could be -

a kegger, a no show, a baby making machine, a professional, a bankruptcy/land baron expert, a liquor salesmen, a town crier, a clown, a service provider, a building rahab person, a referee, or a go between. I will let you all connect the dots if you wish .

Some members get a tad testy if any further questions concerning the school are brought up, such as did the Templeton Conservation Commission sign off on things.

At the last selectmen meeting, the subject of public comment not being included on the agendas for BOS meetings as indicated in policies & procedures for selectmen, the answer was "because of all the things going on, that was not included for about the past four months." Looking back through agendas for selectmen meetings beginning in January 2016, I could find no agenda with public comment included or on the agendas. If that item is no longer wanted by selectmen, why not simply vote to remove it from the policy, deal with the questions, comments that will probably follow and be done with it. End of criticism for not following a policy with regards to that item, end of story. In my opinion, this makes for another example of a BOS that is less than forth coming with regards to information. 

posted by Jeff Bennett