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Change of pace - School Project

Document notation: Sent via e-mail & certified mail on 10/17/16

To: M. Carter Terenzini
Town Hall
160 Patriots Road
East Templeton, MA 01438

Re: Templeton elementary School Project
MSBA ID # 200807200020

Mr. Terenzini:

This is a request under the Massachusetts Public Records Law (M.G.L. chapter 66, section 10) we are requesting the following documents for the referenced project.

1. Copies of the statement of qualifications (SOQ) submitted by each general contractor that submitted an SOQ in response to the request for qualifications for the referenced project.
2. Copy of written evaluation including composite rating and specific rating for each evaluation criteria for each of the general contractor firms that submitted an SOQ in response to the request for qualifications for the referenced project.
3. Copies of all references checked and feedback from references for all general contractors submitting an SOQ in response to the request for qualifications for the referenced project.
4. Copies of all third party information received by the prequalification committee or any other representatives or agents of the Town of Templeton regarding any general contractor that responded to the RFQ.

This request was filed by CTA construction co. Inc.
signed by Jeffrey R. Hazelwood jr.
Project executive

Sounds like somebody is peed off and after skimming thru 240 pages on CTA, I see why, but there are not many good things said of CTA and well there is or was about 36 million on the line here.

Funny thing is, within another pille of documents, such as RFQ interest form;

Awarding Authority - Town of Templeton
project name - Templeton elementary school project

Mail or fax RFQ interest form to:

Narragansett Regional School District
Office of the Superintendent
462 Baldwinville Road
Templeton, MA 01436

date submitted: July 14, 2016 - 55 pages long

another document titled Commonwealth of Massachusetts

standard forms
General contractor prequalification

Solicitation of request for prequalification
Town of Templeton - Templeton elementary school, 17 South Road, Templeton, MA
dated June 26, 2016

General project information:
awarding authority - Town of Templeton, project name - Templeton elementary school
project description - new elementary school,  submission deadline; July 27, 2016 by 2:00 P.M.

submission address;  drum roll please - Narragansett Regional School district
office of the superintendent
462 Baldwinville Road, Templeton, Ma 01436 - 978-939-5661

Now, the awarding authority is listed as Town of Templeton and last I checked, Town Hall is not located on Baldwinville Road, so with that in mind, consider this; "An original and 2 copies of the interested general contractor's SOQ application package must be received by the AWARDING AUTHORITY on or before the submission deadline as set forth in section I, as determined by the AWARDING AUTHORITY's date/time stamp.  So how does that work? send to the superintendent's office and then it goes to Templeton Town Hall to get time stamped. Perhaps selectmen Brooks has the answers, as she was serving on the school building committee at this time and she can ask the tough questions to explain how this works. It appears the selectmen as a group just let this whole thing be handled by the school district while the Town is left holding the bills and the spending of funds not there, as in shortfalls, again!
Who collected the fees for the public records request and who did the work?

posted by Jeff Bennett

Throwing heat? I don't need the heat. You've been on the Board as well when the $505,000 was found and no one until the last minute, which was you, claimed responsibility. I have brought many things to light. I am not a politician so nothing I post has anything to do with being re-elected. Julie and Cam could win the seats and I would still be in the audience point things out like you do. I have been involved and always will be. It doesn't matter what I say, you have zero patience for me and I'm fine with that. Why don't you throw some heat the on the other board members? Huh, maybe because they don't speak out as much or maybe they do and you find me a convenient target. There's much work to be done and we cannot accomplish it alone. I am not the only RESPONSIBLE one, we all are. I did not know until I read it on the blog that the lawyer reviewed that article. I will swear on a bible and my life about that. We never have seen the background and honestly, I never thought to ask. What about the other selectman?? Again, call them out as well.

First off, Diane, you say you are not a politician but when i go to Dave Smart's blog, Pauly's Templeton watch and click on the link for DHB face Book, i see Diane Haley Brooks, Select woman and over to the right, I see the heading Politician, so now I am wondering which is it?

secondly, are you telling us that you sign off on the warrant for the Town's bills with no reference material, no invoices, no explanation for total charges? Is that what you mean? Do you mean that you signed off on a legal bill without seeing the explanation of the charges? If that is so, that explains a lot of things. Again, I am asking do you sign off on bills without seeing documentation? i ask because that is what I get from your above comment. I hope you selectmen are not simply signing off on a paper with a list of departments and totals next to them!

Third; I remember sitting at a meeting of the Board of selectmen where you stated very plainly that when you look at the warrant, you read it and check on things, you ask questions, so my take from that statement was/is that you and all the other selectmen see the invoices and the back up material to justify or explain the charges. So now I have to ask myself, which statement do I trust. I believe it is time for me to pull a page out of my fathers playbook.

lastly, you may have missed it or had selective reading glasses on, but i have called out other selectmen here before, specifically John Columbus and one thing that stands out was when he was chairman, he stated it was a requirement of law that the director of building and grounds of NRHS district to be appointed to the school building committee. From the pages of MSBA and code of Massachusetts regulations, that is a false statement and you can check on that too.

You posted that "there is no money hidden on my watch" yet there is an email from Bob markel to advisory and all selectmen stating that there "is 10K buried in the selectmen's budget in case we need it." THE SELECTMEN'S BUDGET, 
 You state I have no patience for you but i believe i sent you an email of condolence for a family loss and another wishing you well when you were out sick and i did say i appreciated the emails being forwarded concerning school project funding or accounting of, but I still remember the dispatch thing and how you used that as a campaign slogan, which kind of says to me that you are a politician regardless of what you say. I also remember you making the motion to take no action on article 8 of the special town meeting, thus ending any debate or questions on the article. So much for democracy. 
See, I am taking Dave Smart's advice, i am not sitting down and shutting up. Speaking of Dave, you and the rest of the selectmen will be receiving a letter concerning him shortly, as i believe he could be putting the town at risk legally by his rants and since he is an actual town employee whom you and other selectmen oversee, as in you approve hiring, approve labor contracts and sign off on payroll and since selectmen are responsible for Town legal affairs, well you will see it all.

posted by Jeff Bennett
Now, about those shortfalls regarding the school:

Email received last year when I was asking questions concerning the school project.

From: "Alix, Timothy" <>
Date: March 2, 2016 at 7:37:05 PM EST
To: Diane Haley Brooks <>
Subject: RE: MSBA Information

This email seems to indicate that a secretary in the selectmen's office was doing the work on the records of the new school, rather than the treasurer. It also seems to indicate that the town accountant and treasurer "will be aware of what is getting reimbursed electronically and can have access to the propay system at any time to take a look at the status."

So, at least one member of the board of selectmen was aware of this strange arrangement of a secretary rather than the treasurer entering information on town debt, The debt exclusion for feasibility study and design, totaling $1,050,000.00. Still this was allowed to happen and now there is a shortfall in both items of over one million dollars.

posted by Jeff Bennett

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  1. Are you kidding me right now? I spoke of this at several meetings and then I made a motion for it to go to the treasurer and for the MSBA training to be completed by September of last year. I made clear to the TA and at board meetings and at a finance meeting that the Selectman's office should NOT be processing propay and it was the job of the treasurer. Please go back and look at minutes or meetings. The MSBA training was not done until later than we voted and I believe it's still being processed in the Selectman's office. I have spoken to Carter and also made him aware of the vote. Stop throwing shade my way Jeff, it's not necessary and it's not warranted. I have spoken up, sent emails and the day to day operations befalls the TA. I will be sure to bring it up once again and ensure it's with the Treasurer at this time.
  2. No, I am not kidding you. You have been on the board of selectmen since January 2014. Two experience town administrators and full staff and yet the Town treasurer is not doing the job, as you stated in your comment above. As a selectmen, you are a member of a board that is responsible for the financial and legal affairs of the town. You were on the board of selectmen while that superior department crap was tossed about. You did forward me that email which I appreciate but that does not buy anyone a pass. I remember that you made the motion at the town meeting concerning the citizen petition to rescind the funding for the school. That motion was to stop debate or actually prevent debate and questions on the subject. The legal bills show that the selectmen went far to prevent disclosure of those very bills. And remember, I served on the board of selectmen so I know how the bills come in and what the warrant for the town's bills looks like. I also read face book pages and I see the one sided posts to ones "peeps" Now, I hate to be cynical, but it is election time and you are running for re-election, so I kind of expect all of this "I did this and I spoke to this and I tried this and on and on" It is politics and I get all of that, but, you are a selectmen and that means that you and the rest of the board are RESPONSIBLE for things. You can delegate authority but not responsibility. By the way, I am not throwing shade your way, I am throwing heat. I am going to find the email from Markel concerning the recommendation that department heads not meet with the Advisory Committee which if memory serves me, there was mention that some selectmen did not feel that the department heads should meet with the Advisory Committee either. So, do you still think it only costs Templeton $37,000.00 for dispatch service? 
  3. posted by Jeff Bennett
Interesting reading:

Request for transfer from Town reserve to Templeton highway town machinery supplies fund, which is stated that there was an original appropriation of $90,000.00.

Looking at the budget versus actual document provided to Advisory Committee, dated 2/1/2017, there is a notation stating 20K encumbered for fire truck with $70,000.00 now showing under the allocated amount, with $43,926.50 having been spent and $26,071.50 still available for spending.

Now when checking the annual town meeting warrant of May 14, 2016 to see the appropriations for fiscal 2017, I looked at article 4: fiscal year 2017 operating budget 7 salaries of the town.

Under "Total public works and facilities" there is an amount of $136,040.00 next to vehicle & machinery maintenance. So, what is the average citizen to think if they look at the annual town report of FY 2016 which should contain the above mentioned annual town meeting and they see this amount and see what the selectmen asked for in a town reserve fund transfer? What is the thought of anyone looking at the annual town meeting report on the Templeton town website and seeing an amount different from the line item spread sheet? Perhaps the people at town meeting should have requested to go over the FY2017 spread sheet line item by line item. Perhaps any confusion could be avoided if things were not lumped together for the convenience of some.

When you look at the spread sheet that has the line items and it shows the department request, the town administrator recommendation, the selectmen budget and the advisory recommendation, you see that under the item vehicle & machinery maintenance line, the salary for the mechanic and the amount for vehicle & machinery expense were added together. Since the town meeting voted against a line item by line item discussion, that clarification was not made.

posted by Jeff Bennett
Credibility . . . .

Request for transfer from Town reserve fund
Dated March 21, 2017
signed by Town Administrator and Town Accountant

Requesting $10,000.00.
States that as of March 17, 2017, that fund balance was $8,374.99

Letter from DPW director Alan Mayo
Request for transfer
Dated March 20, 2017

Within this letter, it states "I am requesting for a transfer from the Advisory Board reserve. I am requesting $15,000.00. The current balance is $5,862.78." The letter also states "This account was hit with an unexpected expense of $20,000.00 to repair a fire truck. The repair to the fire truck was incurred on 3/3/2017."

Included in the request is a wok order of some sort,

W.D. Perkins
Fire Pump Specialist
P.O. Box 547
Merrick, New Hampshire

There is a partial date at the top of 2-20 with the year missing because of an apparent fold over when making the copy.

This paper work lists parts at $13,626.36, labor at $8,900.00 and machine shop work at $600.00. Freight charge of $117.61 with a total listed at $23,243.97.

So, since i am a pain the ass, there is no Advisory Board, it is Advisory Committee. Next, it is not the Advisory Committee (Board) reserve, it is the Town of Templeton Reserve fund appropriated, as in set aside by the voters of Templeton at Town Meeting. Advisory Committee does over see it and approves/disapproves transfer from this fund.

We have one document dated March 21, 2017 stating a balance of $8,374.99 as of 3/17/17, then there is a letter from a department head, dated 3/20/17 stating a balance of $5,862.78 and requesting $15,000.00. So, do the selectmen, Town Administrator, Town Accountant read what they sign before they sign it?

A look back at the department request for the machinery maintenance fund for fiscal year 2017 was $104,600.00.

So Dave Smart may opine that I am uninformed because I missed a meeting and he may opine I am picking on him and a selectmen may opine I am a school kid, but I try to be informed as possible as a member of the Templeton Advisory Committee when tasked with spending money that belongs to the people of Templeton.

posted by Jeff Bennett