Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Just finished VADAR training, which involved learning how the financial software used by the Assessors, Treasurer, Collector and Accountant works. It is really an easy system to use, once you learn it. It is so easy and quick to generate detailed financial reports, such as a budget to actual that actually shows detail such as Board of Selectmen - assistant salary, office expense, etc rather than the unnamed, general dollar figure explanation that Advisory Committee and others are now receiving. Taxpayers are paying for this system and it should be used to it's full potential - generating detailed reports that account for the spending of tax dollars. Apparently, the selectmen do not wish that to be, question is, why not?
funny item from twitter;
Jon Snow@therealjLash4
I think Hellen Keller plowed Hubbardston road

When you're so upset that you tweet at some random guy across the world about your town's roads not being plowed 😂

Perhaps that tweet is frustration and the last resort, in hopes something will change. I mean Templeton highway was out and about on Sunday.