Saturday, February 10, 2018

Narragansett district reorganization advisory committee meeting at 5 P.M. on Monday, February 12, 2018 in the central office - see you there.

Not sure how a reorganization committee meeting post morphs into a new roof discussion. From what was discussed at our first meeting was what, if any suggestions can be made to the school committee regarding the opening of the new elementary school and the moving around of kids. Since I have been described as rude, offensive, small of a person etc., it may surprise some that one thing I thought should be on the table was any children with a disability, wheelchair, sight, hearing, should be given the opportunity to attend the new school, regardless of where they live, for the simple fact I feel the new school would be best equipped to serve those students. From what was discussed, anything this committee comes up with are only recommendations and everything will be up to the school committee. This is one of those meetings you should attend and listen to if you are truly concerned with your Town.

As for the roof, I think if one checks, there are portions of the rubber roof that have been replaced. There was mention of planning, budget and such and there was mention that the rubber roof will be shortly coming to it's expected life's end. Again, this is one of those committees that you should attend when they have meetings.

Remembering that the new elementary school is a Templeton only project, as Phillipston opted out of it, therefore, Phillipston should not be able to benefit from it, other than any children with disabilities.

Let us remember, when money was asked for a new roof for Templeton Center school, it was denied, several times, so now you all get to pay 47 million for a new school. As one senior resident told me, if we had taken better care of our schools, we probably would not have to be spending this large amount of money now, but we didn't, so here we are.


  1. Maybe these meetings should be posted someplace? Not on town meeting agenda, not on school committee agenda.
    Can someone point me to were this meeting is posted other than here? If not can someone explain the requirements to someone in charge on this committee?

    Just a thought...........maybe Jeff could practice some kindness and in the mellowist of tones suggest

    1. Anonymous12:40 AM

      What are we going to have ? Another committee with the same people who do not show up half the time ? Where is the money coming from to do anything with this building ? Nothing has been done to repair the roof,. Or any thing else to this place for as long as I can remember. Just saying !

  2. Anonymous7:47 AM

    If you are referring to the Middle School or old high school building the entire roof was replaced with a brand new rubber roof about 4-5 years ago. What building are you talking about?

  3. January 16, 2015 ( on the “other” blog )
    “The only way any students from Phillipston should be able to attend a new Templeton elementary school would be from a 10 million dollar buy in from the Town of Phillipston.

    I am sorry I do not trust the Narragansett Regional School District to look out for the taxpayers of Templeton. It is nice to be neighborly and I went to school with the Chairman of the Board of selectmen of Phillipston, I know some good people in Phillipston but this is business and just as Phillipston officials have looked out for their Town, I think it is time for Templeton taxpayers to receive the same. Do you look out for your neighbor or your family first?

    Before you call me a nut case, take a ride to NRHS and look at the wood chip boiler project.

    Jeff Bennett “. Glad to know Mr Bennett your a kinder person now. Good luck with your NRSD meetings


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