Monday, October 1, 2018

Selectmen ignoring or overriding Town Meeting vote??

Why after three months have the Sewer department non union employees have not had their pay raises processed by way of Town Hall? At the Annual Town Meeting back in May of 2018, money was approved for non-union personnel of the sewer dept. pay increases. This money is budgeted for and by sewer dept., rate payers provide this: warrant article 19:

On a motion duly made and seconded the Town voted to appropriate the sum of One Million Seventy Seven Thousand Three Hundred Fifty Five Dollars and No Cents ($1,077,355.00) to operate the Sewer Department for Fiscal Year 2019 and to meet said appropriation by a transfer of Thirty Six Thousand Six Hundred Fifty Six Dollars and No Cents ($36,656.00) from the certified retained earnings of the Sewer Fund and the balance from the receipts and revenues to be collected on behalf of the Sewer Department for said fiscal year.
Passed Unanimously/May 19th @ 12:16 pm

Please contact the selectmen, town administrator and ask them what is the problem and then tell them to do what you voted for them to do!

Look at the warrant for the upcoming Special Town Meeting on October 18, 2018, article #13 - selectmen unanticipated legal costs - MCAD complaints? Again, why are the selectmen ignoring Town Meeting vote? Several Town Meeting votes in fact.

Maybe it is not low wages but bad management that keeps people and Towns from wanting to deal with Templeton?

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