Friday, June 1, 2018

No fluoride, no smart meter, no trump conspiracies, just some information:

Wednesday, May 30, 2018, selectmen held a meeting and financial transfer was on agenda.

So two transfer requests were signed and forwarded to Advisory Committee for action.
One transfer was from benefits to snow & ice deficit in the amount of $25,000.00.
That transfer was approved.

Second transfer request was for $15,000.00 from benefits to highway department:
That transfer was not approved.

purchase of services - $9,000.00

supplies -                    $6,000.00

problem / issue: memo showing the breakdown of what the funds were needed for;
MS-4 / storm water report @ $2,000.00
arborist / diseased trees      @ $2,150.00
Equipment services            @ $2,850.00  (cylinder rebuild & body repair)

So, those total $7,000.00 which leads to the question: did the requester mean to ask for $7,000.00?

Did the requester make an error in the summary and really need $9,000.00/

Since the Town Administrator and accountant are both out on vacation and no one in selectmen office answered the question and it seems as if the selectmen do not read what they vote or sign or discuss, the chairman signed it and forward it to Advisory and no one came to the meeting to answer the question (s)

Tin foil is in aisle 6


  1. let me see if I have this right.. a half million dollar mistake on the town budget, no direct deposit paychecks this week, now a $2K transfer error. and now I here they want to take over sewer receipts, The sewer folks would be nuts to allow the town to get there hands on there funding.

  2. I'm sure glad we have "qualified" Selectman right Mr. Fortes? May seemed like a bad month for management as pointed out above.

    What are the Selectman and Administration going to do to fix the problem so it does not happen again??? Oh, blaming another committee isn't going to cut it!

  3. Hey, I have a question. Can we regionalize the entirety of Town Hall. We keep trying to regionalize departments to save money, increase efficiencies, well from were I sit its a lack of Management costing the taxpayers the most money. I didn't hear about payroll, damn. If factual, what possible excuse to not have a plan to get payroll out when the TA or accountant are gone. Just unacceptable!

    I really want to see the hard fix on this quickly. Our Town employees shouldn't suffer for our towns poor management!

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    2. So did our Administrative Assistant get paid this week. Maybe she should spend less time playing Selectman in another town, and do her job. Was the mess that was the warrant for the Annual Town Meeting her doing ? I never saw a warrant with lines crossed out, ever ! What is the "fellow" we pay 40K doing ? The better question is What has he done ? If he is learning on the job, he is getting quite an education ! So as far as I can see, the deal show continues, at our expense. Explain this Selectman !

  4. To shop for fools, it is one stop shopping. How convenient, but it seems the taxpayer is getting no deal. Just go directly to the fool isle, in Town Hall. Now under different circumstances, I do believe if you asked anyone to put a building on a postage stamp, they would say you are out of your mind. So the question should be are we out of our minds ? I do think so.

  5. I watched the Advisory Committee Meeting. I thought it went very well. As for the Free Warden, this person needs to have a pesticide license.To the best of my knowledge, Alan did not have one.He could not purchase the products he needed to kill the bugs that were eating all the leaves on the small chestnut trees in the Common. Bart treated them for a couple of years in a row, so they would make it.

  6. Can’t fix stupid.

    Pretty apparent the selectmen don’t read what they the warrant for the Annual Town Meeting or financial transfers.

    Why bother?


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