Saturday, June 2, 2018

from the Association of Town Finance Committee handbook.

True zero-based budgeting, in which all programs are reviewed annually and budgets are built from the bottom up, often does not work very well in the municipal arena. Many programs are mandated by state or federal law or by the realities of everyday life. However, it does make sense to review each department’s mission and resources every few years. Finance committees, town managers, employees and citizens should work together and re-examine priorities, think about whether and how missions can be redefined and how resources can be reallocated to better meet a town’s changing needs. This kind of planning, while more difficult in the short term, pays off in the long run if only by keeping the budget process from devolving into a series of ad hoc reactions to year-by year changes in the town’s financial picture.

from the Town website, under Town Administrator: FY 2019 budget presentation:

My Premises –
Zero Based Budget: From the Ground Up; –

 Reflected on our review of work-flow & structure to date;


  1. Our TA is out of touch with how town government should works . He can not seem to get any thing right. Does 35 years experience doing the wrong thing work we shall see. Our selectmen do not know what to do unless the TA tells them what to do and it seem to be wrong.

  2. Let's see now. The audit (which the BOS frequently quotes) said that the TA should NOT be part time, retired or failed in other communities. Our TA works part time, is retired, and has failed in other communities (booted from Spencer) He also lied on his resume. So what does our BOS do? They give him a contract at $1000 (or was it $1500) weekly. Sounds good to me! The only ones keeping their eye on the ball is the advisory board.

    1. It does seem to me not only is the TA out of touch with the needs of this town, so are the members of the Board of Selectman. No industry means all of the expenses of town government falls on the shoulders of the residents. So now that we have lost two good town workers, oh yes we can't forget the woman who worked for us, and was never used up to her potential, what have we got to show for the moves out leaders have made ? Are we better off ? I do not think you need to be a rocket scientist to know we are not ! Is it the fault of the people we elected to represented us ? Not completely ! You need to let them know how you feel, and you need to attend Town Meeting ! This is your government, take an active part in your government, that way our community just may have a fighting chance !


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