Sunday, May 27, 2018

Do Templeton selectmen read and understand what is put in front of them? Do they understand everything that is asked of them?

On page 73 of the spending plan binders, an explanation in detail, of what is planned for purchase of service; Town Clerk, for the fiscal year 2019. One item listed is General Code - Codification @ $3,998.00. There is a notation showing this is year 3 of a 3 year contract with a further annual $1,195.00 fee for FY 2020 and thereafter.

So why would the selectmen tell people at annual town meeting that only $100.00 to no more than $1,000.00 was spent on codification?

So, did the selectmen lie to the Annual Town Meeting or did they really not  know how much they agreed to spend on a contract they signed? It was nice of the Town Administrator to take the blame, but he did not sign the warrant for town meeting.


  1. I have given this lack of honesty a lot of thought. We in our Town of Templeton, have reached done all-time new lows. First Ruthless lies to the people in Town Meeting, telling people that "they have not provided for the children", when in reality they did. So who else knew the truth ?? In my way of looking at things, anyone who knew the truth, and kept quiet, is as bad as she was. Saying that, saying "it's politics" , does not cut it. That makes John Columbus as bad as Ruthless. In my way of looking at things, maybe I am old-fashioned but I do believe most people around here expect the truth. It is becoming more and more evident that the truth is harder to find than hen's teeth. So now thanks to Jeff, we find another instance of the failure to be truthful. It is not acceptable to me, and I sure hope it is not to you. Enough is enough, and I have had enough. What about you ?

    , does not cut it !Seems to me, that makes John Columbus as much liar as Ruthless.

    1. So what about the rest of our School Committee ? Do the rest of these people feel comfortable evading the truth ? Sure sounds like it. Does "it's for the children" give them a pass for being dishonest ? I heard about a million $ override coming at us for next year. How open will people be to that idea, when they find out how dishonest their School Committee has been. Remember they closed E.T. And Offer River has been long gone, so what happened to all the $ that went toward them ? Makes you think, doesn't it.


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