Sunday, February 11, 2018

7:53 AM
To  jeff bennett  
Thanks so much Jeff for pointing this out! I am using new software for our postings (BoardDocs), and didn’t realize that it had not been posted!!

I will send out a Doodle survey to all to see if we can pick another date ASAP!

Thank you again!


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On Feb 10, 2018, at 11:21 PM,  <> wrote:
I have to ask, as I cannot find where this public meeting was posted? 

error made, error corrected


  1. Errors happen.

    So on the NRSD.ORG site, under meetings. Thanks for clearing that up. The NRSD site seems alot cleaner than I remember it in the past.

    Thanks for posting the resolution Jeff.

  2. District Reorganization Advisory Committee
    Thursday, February 15, 2018
    Central Office
    462 Baldwinville Road
    Baldwinville, MA 01436
    The listing of Agenda items is those reasonably anticipated by the Chair which may be discussed at the meeting. Not all items listed may in fact be discussed and other items not listed may also be brought up for discussion to the extent it is permitted by the law. Votes may be taken at this meeting.

  3. The Select people would be wise perhaps ( as noted by your TA) to not denigrate your customer in this case Phillipston for asking for a meeting to discuss dispatch costs. I was taken back by Ms Haley’s abrupt and unprofessional approach to this town issue. Ms Haley was quick to suggest the meeting be held in Phillipston this go around for dispatch. Perhaps she thinks that things are easier to conceal away from Templeton Townhall. However, while watching Phillipston the other day, this will be a particularly well attended and participatory meeting I think.

  4. Anonymous1:05 PM

    Hello,is this meeting about dispatch still on? Our town page as of 1pm says it’s ONat 630pm and the Phillipston page says it has been CANCELLED !

  5. Annon 1:05 Hello, I watched the last BOS meeting. During that Carter mentions this "Thursdays meeting" is canceled and will have to be rescheduled.
    I emailed Town Hall to let them know it was still listed.

  6. The BOS meeting for 2/14/18 now listed as canceled.

  7. Sad. Can’t even update the meetings in a timely manner.

  8. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Athol Daily News reports the meeting date is changed.

  9. If you have a computer or tv, you call should watch the Planning Board meeting just posted. Not sure where to begin really. Let’s start with 1 topic ~ Weed . The “Town” seems to have an ethical/moral adversion to this plant. Examples “ they said cigarettes were good for you “. Not sure if Templeton banned cigarettes or alcohol which 1. Absolutely has been shown to cause cancer and the other is horrific on so many levels. No qualms about placing PaperMills, chemical companies, unlined landfills, sludge fields from WWTP or the latest brain storm ~ 50 acresof forest/farm land to park used vehicles on. The best part is most if not all of what is listed is sited in residential areas.
    But by all means let’s delay or maybe even ban? A Legal, Medically Approved business opportunity.

    1. Anonymous3:00 PM

      Oh Boy, another one who has lost so many brain cells from smoking pot that they actually believe it good for the body. I have yet to meet a pot head who can 1) think straight, 2) drive straight, 3) open their eyes completely, I could go on but just ask any brain damaged pot smoker and they'll tell you how good it makes them feel, La La La Land!!!

    2. Anon 3:00,

      You do know that smoking marijuana is only a small fraction of the use of the marijuana plant.

      I personally think you just showed the lack of knowledge you have regarding this subject and your willingness to accept unproven,marketing designed to take your money.

      I wonder, do you drink? Do you take prescriptions?

      Your points 1,2,3 are laughable...........Sir Richard Branson, Aaron Sorkin, Mike Phelps, Ted Turner, Mike Bloomberg, Steve Jobs, Barak Obama have all been or remain smokers. George Washington owned a hemp farm. Abraham Lincoln smoked "sweet hemp" in his pipe.....................

      Since you seem to feel all marijuana users are "pot heads" should all alcohol users be classified as drunkards?

      Spend some time reading about marijuana and you'll realize much of it isn't about getting "stoned" . With research (not available while ignorance ruled) we can isolate the parts of the plants beneficial for multiple ailments. CBD oil is fast becoming the most popular use among older individuals ( fastest growing group of users) for its obvious benefits with no THC............

      Hemp is already used in the auto industry, clothing industry, etc, etc and without foolish restrictions makes one of the best biofeuls as Ford knew a century ago.

      Smoke it, Use it or dont, but as a taxpayer in Templeton I prefer legal businesses that can pay Templeton a 3% local tax that benefits the community. This would be money from outside our community coming in, not our real estate taxes going up.

      Banning retail legal marijuana while allowing alcohol and guns seems hypocritical.Maybe we'll see how many of the registered republicans who promote States Rights cave to the "its still illegal federally"..........

      Just my two cents!

      In 2014 and in 2016 Templeton majority voted YES to both Medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. What gives the planning board the responsibility to vote to delegate that business to a swamp? Unfair business practices??????

    3. Anonymous4:53 PM

      LMAO, see too much pot has you delerious in your thinking.
      I am a recovering addict and been thru rehab, I know all about the drug world, believe what you want.

    4. You do mean the Legal,Medical State sanctioned drug world right, because that is what I'm talking about. So I assume your for banning pharmacies too? Or are you for banning all opiod sales? How about alcohol.

      How many people die from marijuana? How about alcohol, opiods, antidepressants, etc,etc..........but selling legal taxed marijuana needs to be hidden off in the swamp? Really makes sense..............I suppose having people buy it illegally is better or do you feel it would just stop?


  10. Sadly, our Town once again lags behind actual science. Way behind, as neuroscience dispensed with the notion of free will, especially in addicts, about 2 decades ago. So when will you keep cigarettes out of Templeton cause they have 0.00000 medicinal use and have been proven to cause cancer.

  11. Anonymous6:16 PM

    “ Massachusetts lawmakers sweetened the deal for cities and towns earlier this year by raising the maximum local-option marijuana sales tax from 2 percent to 3 percent and allowing municipalities to extract an additional 3 percent of sales through user agreements with retailers. The state's first pot shops are expected to open in mid-2018.“ Ya, just allow corporations to pollute your town and then tax meals - sounds good

  12. Truly what could be a better pairing for local government then a 3% Marijuana tax and a meal tax.........

  13. Maybe, the town would like to put another junk yard in a swamp. SMH I just had to watch this meeting and was dismayed at the lack of knowledge about not just this issue but the Green Community proposal floating around. There are volumes of information online and our neighbor Royalston just became a Green Community.
    A couple of the planning board members seemed to this person thoughtful and knowledgeable about this towns history. The others seemed to be just flipping thru and parroting talking points on the “ infomational packet” made by I assume by a Town of Templeton paid employee.

  14. Something that should really bother everyone is the lack of concern for the voting public. In 2014 the town voted roughly 3-1 in favor of medical marijuana. The in 2016 voted in favor of recreational marijuana 53% Yes and 46% NO yet our planning board feels some desire to as it was mentioned "combine it with the adult entertainment district in the swamp". So, now we have the moral police and the "we know better" police stopping business growth while promoting an EDIC, Highway Business district.

    Which present business would pay more as a percentage of business than a marijuana business? Which other business would Templeton, not the State, but Templeton be able to collect a 3% added sales tax direct to the town????

    This is a brand new industry. Templeton as a farming community could use our farming status to promote marijuana agro businesses other than retail shops. We could be progressive and benfit from the obvious influx of opportunity related to this new industry.
    We could also stick our heads in the sand, deny reality and hope it will all go away. If the drug wars have shown us anything it is we have handled it poorly at best.

    Maybe ,just maybe the dark ages of reefer madness can be left in the dust Heep and Templeton taxpayers can get some relief in more ways than

  15. Anonymous7:27 PM

    Dude, Where's my car?

  16. I was glad the hear Frank Moschetti speak up about bringing the zoning changes back to the Town Meeting.
    The Planning Board should, if they haven't since the last time, take a look at the requirements for them to work on the issue prior to doing it.
    Every member who owns land within the zoning change has a potential to benefit from the change. If not, why are they saying its needed if not to free up for some other, better use? State ethics has requirements for these actions to take place. It is my belief that they were not followed the last time around which I did state during that meeting.It was and is my belief that the response to my question by Town Counsel was less than responsive. Steven Drury, who those in attendance ( however small at the only counted votes, or apparent concerned citizens) chose to side with over the apparent improper and poorly represented position at the meeting of the proposal by the planning board.
    Members blaming Steves supposed dislike of his cousin was lame, dismissive and pretty pathetic since Steve showed up and said Planning member did not.

  17. I’m in total agreement with your observations on those issues Bob M @7:29


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