Saturday, January 13, 2018

TO:               Board of Selectmen
FROM:        Carter Terenzini, Town Administrator
RE:              Administrator's Weekly Report
DATE:         January 11, 2018
CC:              All Departments

A few highlights of this weeks report;

All material for the Annual Town report need to be submitted by January 22, 2018.
 Town Offices closed on Monday, January 15, 2018 for Martin King day observance.

Four (4) vendors (business') met for the local meals tax proposal. They expressed concern that the stated purpose of this proposed tax increase (rolling stock capital program) would change once it gets moving.

Four proposals for legal services were received and reference checks are in progress.

Town retirement assessment increased by $70,000.00. (10.5% increase)

Think about that when you realize Templeton is headed towards a full time fire department!

Highway Department: Between strong winds and extreme cold made clean up very difficult. The equipment that runs on diesel fuel struggled because the cold was causing it (diesel fuel) to gel and shut down.  We had an additive put in on the next diesel fuel delivery on Tuesday.

Once again, this shows reactive rather than a proactive approach. I wonder what happened to the "professionals" over there? Diesel fuel gelling is always a concern and is nothing new, which is why fuel additive is sold by the quart,  gallon, case and even 55 gallon drum. If you run diesel fuel, you have this on hand and you add it every time you fill up. It is called preventative maintenance. There are some diesel fuels better than others but it comes down to knowing the equipment and taking the precautions. Once the cold set in, it was all but impossible to find the additive on store shelves, which is why there are 14 cases sitting in a garage - with six diesel engine trucks to keep running, being proactive is a requirement, not an after thought. Public safety is involved here!

The sidewalk plow does not go out during the storm. When the plow does go out, it first clears snow from sidewalks for the school children that walk to school and local business. There is only one sidewalk plow, an additional plow and driver would enable us to get the job done faster.

Highway department looking to expand and hire more personnel? Got to grow the government workforce and keep the pressure on the taxpayers.

The town administrator's report can be found on the town website, under heading; departments, town administrator report - 2018. It is suppose to be given at the selectmen meeting, according to their own policy, but hey, what are policies for? Certainly not to follow. See you at the all boards meeting.

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