Friday, January 12, 2018

Since this is a posted meeting, one would think it is open to the public. I would however, contact the BOS office and make sure.
All Boards Meeting
Tuesday, January 16, 2018, at 6:30 P.M
Kamaloht-1 North Main Street, East Templeton, MA-01438

Board of Selectmen hosting this second joint meeting of all Town Boards and Committees 


Discuss progress we have made this past year. 

Discuss the direction boards & committees feel our organization should be heading in 

Discuss ideas of how we might better work together to improve communications, efficiency, and better serve our community.

Miscellaneous discussion



  1. Is this open to the public and available for someone to livestream ?

    1. Anonymous9:09 AM

      I do not see why not. I think you have to tell who ever is running the show, you are filming it.

  2. This is the new Templeton Elementary School website I guess. Interesting read on the meeting minutes. Doesn't appear our 3 selectman are attending many meetings, why are they on the committee??

    I suggest like all committees they are on, they are their to stack votes in one direction.

    1. Anonymous11:12 AM

      So, are our selectmen Ms. Richards and Ms. Haley Brooks going to do a "Ken". and drop out of their responsibilities' and not show up for the Selectmen meetings. Is that fair to the people who voted for these people to represent them ? I sure do not think so. If you are not going to do the job and represent the people in your town. then do not sell them a bill of goods and not deliver. Shame on both of you. No one said the job was going to be easy.

  3. From what I can tell Diane hasn't been to a meeting since prior to the Fall Town Meeting. Julie seems to show up less than half the time.

    All the Boards and Committees in Town should require attendance or resignation. The Town needs to have full representation.

    These are the listed Opening from our Town website:

    Capital Planning Committee 2 Vacancies 1 year Appointment
    Conservation Commission 2 Vacancies 3 year Appointment
    Open Space Committee 5 Vacancies 1 year Appointment
    Cultural Council 2 Vacancies 3 year Appointment
    Veterans Oversight Board 1 Vacancy 1 year Appointment
    Zoning Board of Appeals 2 Associate Vacancies 5 year Appointment

    With the listed vacancies and the lack of attendance by many who are appointed to committees our town is not represented well.

    On Tuesday we are the all boards meeting. What will the attendance look like? Look at the TESBC meeting attendance. 16 members on the Committee and seems 7 are usually MIA. Look at the attendance of our BOS and TA.............

    Whose job is it to fill and manage these committees? How many of the positions are filled by the same people?

    I personally dont want anyone on multiple boards or committees as a voting member. I do want a bigger push to get citizens involved. A more inclusive, open style that understands we are Templeton, not a department or a board.


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